Marketing is my profession, health and wellness is my passion. 

I enjoy helping people — whether in business or as it pertains to health and wellness. Through using the internet, I am able to do both.

Jasmine Supplement LnSI am also a single Mom to two wonderful children, one of whom was born with the special needs surrounding Down’s Syndrome. Health and wellness have been a passion of mine since long before my children, but even more so after their birth.

My Story

My first introduction to the concept of making healthy choices came when I was 22. My Mom was having health challenges which led to a number of lifestyle changes. She began taking all kinds of nutritional supplements and altered her diet.  Of course, the latter change directly affected me. How? Because it meant the elimination of white flour and white sugar in our kitchen. I will admit that the first time I tasted her homemade biscuits made with whole wheat flour, it was a bit of a shock to my taste buds. But, it started me down the path which we now know as, “alternative health.”

In the years that followed, I was introduced to fasting and colonics, juicing and “Fit For Life.” I bought fruits and vegetables from the local farmers market since organic foods had not yet made their way to the supermarkets. It was my way of life for many years. Alas, after several challenging forks and turns in my journey, I left the healthy living routine for a few years. But you can only abuse your body for so long.

When I became extremely ill, I knew it was time to make some changes.  I renewed my commitment to healthy living and got back on the wagon.  I also sought out the assistance of several alternative health practitioners. Some of them helped, some of them did not. But one thing I learned was that the alternative health path resonated with me.  I began learning everything I could about herbs and vitamins, their affect on the body, how they interacted with each other. I began fasting again, using my VitaMix, buying pesticide-free produce, eliminating white flour & white sugar (again!), and I made the ultimate sacrifice by giving up my afternoon fix of Dr. Pepper.

And my body healed.

After being told at age 20 that I would likely never have children, my 40’s brought the miraculous birth of my daughter followed by my son 2 1/2 years later. During their early years I made their baby food, ground the grain to bake bread, and rarely ate out at restaurants. But my sons’ special needs prompted me to look further than just healthy food, herbs and nutritional supplements.

And my journey evolved.

Over the years, I have coached many people through their health challenges. Today, I use a combination of EFT, Reiki and Kiniseology together with homeopathic remedies, herbs and vitamins.  It has certainly been a wonderful journey of learning and a path that I will continue to follow as I gain more knowledge and experiences.Valerie Hiers Springfield_Jasmine Supplement-Strength24


I am delighted that you are here. It is my deepest hope that our products will benefit you richly with a life filled with abundant health and wellness. May you experience joy in the little moments of daily living!

Valerie Hiers Springfield