3 Fail-Safe Ways to get a Good Night’s Sleep

Feeling worn down lately? Or perhaps you’re just a tad crabby with everyone around you? That’s probably because you’re not getting enough sleep! Sleep deprivation can drain you mentally and physically, and even other people are affected by your sleeping problems. You need ways to get a good night’s sleep so you can remain calm […]

Healthy Diet for Athletes

While everyone wants to be as healthy as possible, athletes take physical fitness to another level. Naturally, a healthy diet for athletes is expected to be quite different from those of us who are not as physically active. A Healthy Diet for Athletes includes: Because they burn so much energy during their daily activities, athletes require […]

Sleep Deprivation and Weight Gain

In our modern, fast-paced world, it’s very easy to lose a few hours of sleep every night. We often sacrifice our sleep without even giving it a second thought. Unfortunately, sleep deprivation has many negative, long-term effects on our bodies. Though there is a direct correlation between sleep deprivation and weight gain, there are also […]

How to Prevent the Sudden Need To Urinate

Suddenly, you have the urge to go to the bathroom because A) you just saw your car got towed and you have a meeting to go to in 5 minutes in Queens (you work in Manhattan!), B) your wife just told you she’s going to have a baby and you secretly lost your job or […]

New HIIT Study — Less Time, Same Results

High intensity interval training (HIIT) is also sometimes referred to as sprint or intermittent training. It is a type of exercise that combines intense anaerobic activity with less intense recovery. Typically HIIT alternates the two activities for 4 or more times and also includes a warm-up and cool-down. This exercise methodology became extremely popular when “average […]

Waking At Night To Urinate May Not Be Healthy

As we get older, there is a tendency to have a diminishing capacity to contain urine, especially at night. If you’re waking more frequently than a baby to urinate, then you have what is known as nocturia. As a symptom, waking at night to urinate may be the effect of excessive liquid intake just before […]

Six Common Meditation Methods

When most people think of meditation, a monk sitting in a temple at the top of a mountain comes to mind.  In fact, though, there are many different meditation methods or types.  Each one has its own advantages.  Most people who meditate generally have a preferred method, but some will use different meditation methods at […]

Best Remedies For Overactive Bladder Conditions

In medical terms, an overactive bladder is known as urinary incontinence or the unintentional release of urine. To the average lay person, it’s simply wetting your undies before you can make it to the bathroom. An overactive bladder (OAB) can be a source of embarrassment, to say the least, and an inconvenience. Remedies for overactive […]

Pineal Gland Calcification: Serious Effects Of Water Fluoridation

The pineal glands of some people have had so much calcium before they turn 17 that this condition known as Pineal Gland Calcification appears in MRI examinations. While the body needs calcium, pineal gland calcification sets in as a result of excessive fluoride consumption. Located at the brain’s center, the pineal gland is known by […]

7 Ways to Relieve and Prevent Muscle and Joint Pain

There are many reasons why people suffer from muscle and joint pain. It could be triggered by a strenuous workout, sprain, or injury, or it may also be attributed to certain medical conditions such as arthritis, fybromyalgia and lupus. Fortunately, there are things you can do to relieve the pain and discomfort that you feel. […]