For Men Bladder Control Can Be a Problem Too!

For quite a lot of people, bladder control problems are often associated with older women although research has shown that younger women can also have these symptoms as well. But urinary incontinence isn’t exclusively a problem for women; for men bladder control can be an issue, too. For Men Bladder Control Issues Can Be Caused […]

Deficiencies In Your Diet? Make Up For It With Supplements For Anti-Aging

Everybody grows old and we all have to die someday but for now, we want to look and feel good. Looking young may take some effort but feeling young is something we should all strive for. A man was granted one wish and he blew it because his wish was “I never want to look […]

Avoiding Foods That Cause Inflammation

When people experience arthritis, joint pain, unexplained swelling and other such bothersome conditions, there could be a myriad of reasons. Sometimes, it’s merely a symptom of an underlying disease. But there are also times that it’s triggered or exacerbated by foods that cause inflammation. Controlling your diet is an important part of keeping a healthy […]

Joint Pain Natural Remedy Options

Osteoarthritis occurs when your bones rub against each other after your joint cartilage has worn away. It’s quite painful and also very common that 27 million people in the US alone are suffering from it. If you or a loved one are living in pain, take heart, there are several joint pain natural remedy options […]

Maximizing Benefits From Your Sleep Vitamins

Insomniacs are those poor souls who either find it difficult to fall asleep or have a hard time staying asleep. So what are people who are sleepy most of the time called? How about serial sleepers? If you fall into either category, you may need sleep vitamins to combat the certain ill-effects of little or […]

Medical Conditions Result in Joint Pain and Fatigue?

Among the reasons why taking certain supplements can be good for you is that it can prevent or at the very least delay the onset of joint pain and fatigue. If you feel really tired and resting doesn’t seem to do much good, that’s called fatigue. This condition may be the result of a lot […]

Jasmine Health Benefits You Should Know About

Drinking jasmine tea has long been a practice in the East, especially in China. Jasmine tea is made by adding dried jasmine flowers to a brew of green or white tea. For hundreds of years people in Asia have been drinking jasmine tea not just for its taste but also for its medicinal properties. Today, […]

How to Help Muscle Recovery

When the muscles are strained, either from overuse, mis-use or some sports-related injury, it’s difficult to function properly. You can’t use your limbs and muscles to their full potential because of this strain, and this is not good news especially if you live an active lifestyle, or if your work requires you to always be […]

What Kind of Leaky Bladder Problem Do You Have?

The body’s different organ systems need to work properly so that you don’t develop a leaky bladder or other similar condition. Even if only one of these systems doesn’t work properly, bladder incontinence may result. No two problems with a leaky bladder are exactly the same. Your problem may be caused by damaged nerves, or […]

Exercise and Hypertension

What is hypertension? More commonly referred to as high blood pressure, hypertension is a chronic condition of elevated blood pressure in the arteries.  That means that the heart is working harder than it would in a healthy body to drive the circulatory system.  Treating hypertension, especially in the elderly, can significantly extend a person’s life. […]