Bladder Dysfunction

Did you know that Ca2+ATPase levels are about 40% lower in men with bladder dysfunction when you compare their bladders to men of similar age with normal bladder function? Did you know that incontinence is extremely common in menopausal women?

Jasmine Supplement_Strength 24_Bladder DysfunctionAre you tired of waking up 3, 4, 5 times a night to go to the restroom? And we all know, there’s nothing worse than being in a public place with no restroom available. For many people, — both men and women — planning restroom stops becomes a way of life.

What if I told you, there was a product that could change all that?

First, let’s help you you understand the “why.” The bladder is made up of a smooth muscle tissue. Like all the rest of the muscles in our body, the bladder muscle contraction and relaxation is controlled by calcium. That calcium is released into the cell from ‘cell storage’ which then causes muscle contraction. Once the contraction has occurred, that calcium must be pumped back into ‘cell storage’ to there is enough for the next contraction. The pump that moves the calcium out of the cell  and into storage is called Ca2+ATPase. When these levels decline, it has a direct adverse reaction on our body. Hence, bladder dysfunction.

Bladder Dysfunction Factors

Many people suffer from weak or overactive bladder. We know that normal aging, hormone changes during and after menopause, environmental toxins, injuries and various other health challenges all wreak havoc on the Ca2+ATPase levels in our body. In fact, lower Ca2+ATPase levels are often evident in many of the men and women over 40 who have bladder dysfunction.

Strength24 to the rescue

Strength24 increases Ca2+ATPase levels which supports bladder function for women and men alike. In fact, many users have reported results within 30 days.

Strength24 can give you back the control you want and the freedom you long for!