Choose Happiness and Reap These 3 Benefits

Achieving happiness is the goal of nearly every person on Earth. While we strive for extraneous goals on a more immediate level, such as getting a promotion, mastering a new skill, or even having children, all of these are essentially the pathways to happiness.

Finding happiness sometimes takes a backseat in our daily lives. As we get distracted by work, school, or the bills, happiness begins to seem less important. Unfortunately, sacrificing your happiness does not help in achieving our more immediate goals, and there are many benefits when you choose happiness. Here are just a few.

Choose Happiness and Reap These 3 Benefits:

Strength24_Choose HappinessHappiness is Healthiness.

Depression and anxiety lead to a weakening of the immune system. By allowing yourself to put off the simple joys of life that may bring you happiness on a daily basis, you leave yourself susceptible to depression and illness.

Negative moods can increase the likelihood or damages of a wide variety of diseases, including serious illnesses such as HIV, cancer, and cardiovascular disease. Maintaining a positive mood can help to combat illness and speed the recovery of patients.

Longer Life

Happy people tend to live longer. In fact, people who are generally positive are 35% less likely to pass away within the next five years. Even in the midst of great difficulties, they tend to choose happiness as a way of approaching life. A great example of well-being associated with happiness is the long lifespan of spiritual practitioners such as Buddhist monks, whose daily lives involve the conscious and active search for happiness through techniques such as meditation. In fact, the power of meditation is supported by plenty of scientific studies. Meditation has been shown to change the very structure of the brain to support clearer thinking and, of course, happiness.

Better Job Performance

Creativity and happiness go hand-in-hand – they each support the other. When we’re in a more positive mood, we come up with more creative solutions to the various problems we face at work every day. Happiness also comes with more energy and enthusiasm, which enables us to tackle the day and perform better at work.

The strong connection between happiness and job performance has led many of the world’s greatest companies, such as Google, to provide the best possible working conditions for its employees. Even smaller companies are beginning to offer services to its employees such as massage therapy and free, easy-to-access food.

While we may be inclined to deny ourselves happiness in the short-term for the benefit of our jobs, it can be a big mistake. When we choose happiness NOW, we achieve better results long-term: great job performance equals a happy boss equals a brighter future!

Stronger Relationships

Happiness is one of the most attractive traits there is. People naturally want to be around happy people. Their company is the most enjoyable. Simply put, happiness begets happiness.

As you allow yourself to be happier an exude a positive mood, the people closest to you will enjoy the benefits of easier and more enjoyable days. Your positive mood will also allow you to face life’s challenges more easily – including the challenges of a relationship. While no one is perfect, a happy person is a lot easier to work with – and easier to love!

Choose Happiness!

Happiness is a choice. Whether we actively focus on maintaining a positive mood or we simply allow ourselves to indulge in a few small luxuries here and there, we can improve our own happiness – and the happiness of those around us – for the better.

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