How to Move from Dreams to Goals

Jasmine Supplement_How to Move from Dreams to GoalsWe all have dreams in life. Some of those dreams are small and some are big. The challenge is moving those from dreams to goals.

Most people don’t actually make progress towards their big dreams because they seem too hard to reach. Instead, they make small goals towards their smaller dreams that they feel are attainable and then go through life wondering ‘what if’.

Why Some People Succeed And Some Do Not

There is no reason why you can’t set big goals and go after your big dreams. If achieving great things was impossible, then nobody would achieve great things in this life. There would be no successful, happy people who have gone after huge goals and achieved them.

People who achieve their big goals are people who are willing to do whatever it takes to reach their goals. They don’t get caught up thinking about how they are going to achieve their goals or whether it is possible or not; instead, they start taking action and working towards the things they want in life.

People who cannot see how their dreams are going to come true, and who are fearful of what they will need to do to achieve them, are the ones that never break past the barrier of what is possible or not in life. There is a mental process needed for turning those dreams to goals.

Moving Past The ‘What If’ Factor

It may help to know that accomplishing one goal, even a small goal, can help you to go after more goals. There is a certain ‘high’ that is experienced from accomplishing anything that motivates you to experience more ‘highs’. So, if you are continuously moving forward and achieving goals then you will consistently be motivated to keep going after your goals.

You can use this knowledge to your advantage and translate your list of dreams to goals that will help you to keep moving forward.

Moving Dreams to Goals

For instance, take a piece of paper and put the following three headings on it:

  1. Goals I Know I Can Achieve
  2. Goals I May Be Able To Achieve
  3. Goals I Feel Are Unachievable

Strength 24_How to Move from Dreams to GoalsThen, fill in the appropriate columns with goals that you want to achieve in your life.

Next, start working towards your goals. Pick a goal under the ‘Goals I Know I Can Achieve’ column and go out and achieve it. Once you do, pay attention to the natural high you get from doing so and use that to pick another goal to go after. Eventually, you WILL want to go after a larger goal that you once thought was impossible, and if you keep taking action and moving forward, then you will eventually achieve your ‘impossible’ goal.

Life Is All About Creating… or Reacting

Right now you are doing one of two things in your life. You are either creating or reacting. When you are reacting, you are busy arguing, worrying or opposing. However, when you are creating, you are causing something to happen because of your actions, and you are bringing something into existence. Which one do you think will help you achieve your big goals in life?

Try to stay in a state of creating. If an obstacle gets in your way, don’t spend a lot of time reacting to it; instead create a way to move past that obstacle. This way you will always be moving towards your goals, small or big, and you will never have to wonder ‘what if’.

It’s time to move your dreams to goals. Remember, a goal is simply a dream with a deadline!

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