Joint and Muscle Pain

Do you suffer from tendinitis, stiff joints, aches & pains of aging? Are old sports injuries slowing you down? Do you find that constant joint and muscle pain is sapping all your energy? You are not alone!

Strength 24_Jasmine Supplement_Joint and Muscle PainThe Source of Joint and Muscle Pain

Pain and inflammation of joints and muscles is typically in response to a triggering event such as an injury.

Here’s how it works: Something happens… you take a fall down the slopes, you hit the ball just right, you lift a heavy box… whatever the cause, you have an injury. Your body responds with pro-inflammatory mediators including leukocyte activation and other stuff. Your pain level correlates with the mediator levels. The release of these mediators is determined by the levels of intracellular calcium. Excessive levels of intracellular calcium results in inflammation. Ca2+ATPase significantly reduces the inflammation and joint and muscle pain because it helps to main optimal levels of intracellular calcium.

Many people rely on steroids or cortisone shots to treat their inflammation. These kinds of treatments are effective because they stimulate Ca2+ATPase.

Strength24 increases  Ca2+ATPase levels. This results in reducing discomfort and inflammation because it prevents the excessive intracellular calcium in the mast cells.

Put simply, Strength24 works as an all-natural pain reducer.