What Kind of Leaky Bladder Problem Do You Have?

The body’s different organ systems need to work properly so that you don’t develop a leaky bladder or other similar condition. Even if only one of these systems doesn’t work properly, bladder incontinence may result.

No two problems with a leaky bladder are exactly the same. Your problem may be caused by damaged nerves, or perhaps your weak muscles are to blame.  Some problems with bladder control are also caused by medications that may have dulled your nerves. To help you with your medical condition, your doctor will attempt to pinpoint the kind of bladder control problem you have.

Generally, your leaky bladder problem will be at least one of the following conditions:

  1. Jasmine_Strength 24_Leaky Bladder ProblemStress incontinence. This is the most common type of bladder incontinence. Stress here doesn’t refer to mental strain or tension; it’s the pressure on your bladder. The symptom for this kind of bladder control problem is when you urinate when you sneeze, laugh hard, cough, or do exercise. Normally, the pelvic and sphincter muscles are able to handle the pressure when you do these things. But when these muscles are weakened, the sudden pressure can cause urine to leak from the bladder.
  2. Temporary incontinence. This may be caused by a new medication you’re using, or you may have a condition such as urinary tract infection which has temporary incontinence as one of its symptoms. Once the root cause has been identified and corrected, the leaky bladder problem usually goes away as well.
  3. Urge incontinence. You have this type of bladder control problem if you leak urine when you feel a strong urge to urinate. Nerves carry messages between the bladder and the brain, so that the brain knows when the bladder is full and the bladder knows when it is time to urinate. With urge incontinence, some of your nerves may not transmit messages properly, and they may have been damaged by a medical condition such as an infection, a stroke, or diabetes.
  4. Mixed incontinence. This is when your problem is a combination of stress and urge incontinence. You may leak urine when you feel the urge to urinate and you also leak urine when you sneeze.
  5. Overactive bladder. You have this when you often feel a deep urge to urinate. You may have an overactive bladder if you have to urinate two or more times each night. This may also be the case if you need to urinate eight or more times a day.
  6.  Functional incontinence. This is not really a bladder problem per se. In this situation, you simply have mobility problems that make you unable to handle your need to urinate. When you leak urine because you can’t really get to the bathroom on time, then you have a case of functional incontinence.

Once your doctor or health care provider has identified the kind of problem you have with your leaky bladder, proper steps may be taken in order to treat the underlying cause of your bladder incontinence.

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