Muscle Fatigue and Recovery

One of the first signs that we’re not as young as we think we are is when our body betrays us. Perhaps you can’t lift as much as you used to or can’t run as far. Or maybe it takes a lot longer to recover. It doesn’t have to be that way!

Jasmine Supplement_Strength 24_Muscle Fatigue and RecoveryStrength24 can help by increasing the Ca2+ATPase. The end result is an increase in muscle endurance, strength and recovery.

The Inside Scoop on Muscle Fatigue and Recovery

In order to contract, our muscles need calcium. The interaction between the cells that store the calcium and the release of that calcium is how your skeletal muscles contract. After the contraction, the calcium goes back into storage. This pumping of calcium back and forth insures that there is enough calcium for the next contraction. Ca2+ATPase is the pump that moves the calcium from the cell and back to storage.

As long as there are adequate levels of Ca2+ATPase, our skeletal muscles perform on demand. But, as we age, these Ca2+ATPase decline. This results in reduced muscle strength — hence our challenge with muscle fatigue and recovery. Then, when we exercise, our body uses up some of the Ca2+ATPase which just exacerbates the problem. The pump simply can’t keep up with the demand. The result is muscle fatigue and delayed recovery times.

The beauty of Strength24 is that it increases the Ca2+ATPase levels. This of course results in the ability to work out longer and harder — and speeds recovery because there is no longer a shortage of available calcium.