Sexual Health and Aging — 4 Essential Tips

Jasmine Supplement_Sexual Health and the Aging ProcessOur society and its popular culture tend to focus on the sex lives of younger people. We should recognize, however, that this concern is purely the result of the biological requirements for reproduction (and the inability of older people to reproduce). While biology may have its say, the truth is that sex is an enjoyable part of life and an essential part of a healthy relationship at any age.

Sexual Health and Aging — 4 Essential Tips

Here are a few tips regarding the sexual health and aging process that can help you maintain a meaningful sexual relationship — regardless of your age!

1. Recognize the changes in your partner’s needs.

As we get older, we require more stimulation in order to become aroused. It’s important not to take this change personally – you and your partner both are likely to have become less sensitive to sexual arousal. A common issue is the sense of routine and familiarity that two people develop over time. It’s important to recognize that your partner’s needs have changed, and yours have, too. As always, communication is key. Talking with your partner about the matter can enlighten both of you and help pave the way to a revived sex life.

2. Accept the new you.

It’s common for people to feel that old age has made them worse off. While it’s understandable, you should reconsider the changes that have occurred and try to see them as a new, rather than somehow worse, version of yourself. It’s a new stage in your life – a chance to evolve and grow. You have wisdom and experience that you simply didn’t have in your younger years. Applying this to your sexual relationship can make for a new adventure.

However, accepting the aging process doesn’t mean giving up. Diet and exercise are still very important for the maintenance of our bodies. As you move into this new part of your life, take care of yourself. Love yourself – and your partner, too!

3. Consider alternative means of sexual satisfaction.

Sexual intercourse is usually the first thing people think of when the idea of sex is brought up, but it is certainly not the only way to become satisfied. Intercourse can be both tiring and even painful for sufferers of arthritis. While intercourse may be less appealing for these reasons, there are other forms of intimacy that can bring just as much satisfaction and joy to your relationship. Many older couples report complete satisfaction from those activities which are less strenuous.

Strength 24_Sexual Health and the Aging Process4. Change it up.

As we’ve already said, couples tend to get used to a certain routine and familiarity. Even a small change in this routine can greatly improve your sex life with your partner. Consider an unusual time or place for your next moment of intimacy. Try surprising your partner with a romantic gesture. Even something as simple as a favorite meal and a quick massage can be enough to reignite passion and remind you and your partner how much you truly love each other. Take turns reading erotic poetry together. Or, write down one fantasy you’ve never shared with the other person, then exchange notes — and be open to fulfilling each others fantasies. Get to know each other again in a whole new way!

Visit your doctor.

While some changes are natural and expected, others may be signs of a more serious problem. Be sure to see your doctor to ensure that the changes you’re experiencing are not the result of a possible illness. If you decide that it’s right for you, your doctor may prescribe medicine to help aid you and your partner in rekindling the fire.

Life is an adventure at any age. Your sexual health and aging can both be viewed as a new frontier. Look ahead to what life has yet to give you. A recent study has shown that we change the same amount in our 20’s as we do in our 60’s. Our personalities are always shifting – our minds are always growing. It’s important to look at sexual health and aging process as nothing more than a new stage in this grand life of ours.

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