Sleepless Nights

According to the American Academy of Sleeplessness, more than 30% of Americans display symptoms of insomnia. Though occasional sleepless nights happen to everyone, when it occurs for more than 3 weeks it becomes a major problem.

Jasmine-Supplement_Strength-24_InsomniaHere are just a few of the effects of insomnia:

  • Fatigue and Physical Exhaustion resulting in lack of energy or motivation
  • Emotional upsets including moodiness, anger and irritability
  • Inability to function during the day due to feeling sleepy which can result in poor performance at work or school
  • Mistakes at school or work including driving accidents
  • Metal challenges like poor memory and lack of concentration
  • Physical symptoms include headache, upset stomach, muscle pain
  • Stress and anxiety about the sleeping problem itself

Strength24 helps by increasing the Ca2+ATPase levels in the pineal gland.

How? The pineal gland produces melatonin, the hormone that regulates our sleep cycle. Because all of our bodies processes, calcium regulation is needed for the proper release of melatonin. In case you haven’t already guessed, Ca2+ATPase controls the calcium regulation within the pineal gland.

Why the Sleepless Nights?

As we get older, there is a decline in the Ca2+ATPase levels in the pineal gland. So, melatonin levels are reduced making good, restful sleep more difficult — if not impossible. As this decline of Ca2+ATPase continues, pineal gland calcification takes place. This continued reduction in melatonin progresses until our body displays even more symptoms of imbalance and has been linked to degenerative brain diseases like Alzheimer’s.

Strength24 works to increase the Ca2+ATPase levels in the pineal gland. This results in getting to sleep faster, staying asleep, and attaining a deeper, more restful sleep. Long-term it also protects against pineal gland calcification — a key component to cognitive function. Say goodbye to sleepless nights!