Strength24 — The Benefits

Ca2+ ATPase levels levels decline naturally as we age contributing to poor sleep, overactive bladder, loss of muscle strength, and pain in the muscles and joints. Thankfully, there is Strength24.

Many of us experience fatigue on occasion. For some, feeling tired is a daily occurrence.  While our busy, stressful lifestyles may have something to do with it, another factor is our Ca2+ ATPase levels.

Now there is a dietary supplement that can help us to counteract the effects of reduced Ca2+ APTase levels called Strength24.

Strength 24-The Jasmine SupplementThis new nutritional supplement has been designed to target Ca2+ ATPase. All ingredients are pharmaceutical grade and organic, and they help to support many essential biologic functions in the body, which ultimately helps to maintain a natural balance in the body that is needed for good health.

Strength24 Can Help You Win The Battle for Sleep

Sleep is so important to our wellness; a good night’s sleep even contributes to our anti-aging efforts. As we age it seems that a good night’s sleep is more of a ‘bonus’ than a normal occurrence. While sleep aids may help to give you one good night sleep, they don’t fix the root of the issue and allow your body to have many good night’s sleep. Strength24 can help fix the root of the issue and give you back the ability to sleep through the night.

The pineal gland produces hormones, serotonin and melatonin, which are involved in the process of our sleep/wake patterns. The regulation of calcium is very important to natural release of these hormones, and calcium regulation is governed by Ca2+ ATPase in the pineal gland. Unfortunately as we age, the levels of Ca2+ ATPase decrease, which contributes to our inability to get a good night’s rest.

Because Strength24 increases the levels of Ca2+ ATPase levels in the pineal gland, and helps to regulate the release of these hormones, you experience a few different things when it comes to sleep. First, you fall asleep quicker, and second, you stay asleep throughout the night in a deep and restful sleep.

It is important to know that the pineal gland levels of Ca2+ ATPase do not just influence your ability to sleep. For example, when melatonin release is reduced, cognitive function may also decrease. In addition, reduced melatonin secretion has been linked to diseases such as Alzheimer. Therefore, it is important to maintain a healthy balance of Ca2+ ATPase levels, and Strength24 can help you to do so.

Strength24 And Its Impact On Your Bladder

Another common issue that occurs with aging is decrease in bladder function. It becomes harder to hold it in, bathroom trips become more frequent, and bladder issues become a nuisance at times when a bathroom is nowhere to be found. Again, this can be due, in part, to a decrease of Ca2+ ATPase in the bladder muscle, and because Strength24 increases Ca2+ ATPase, the supplement can also help improve bladder function.

An increase in Ca2+ ATPase can help to improve bladder function in men and women alike. For example, men who suffer from benign prostate hyperplasia and women who are experiencing premenopausal or menopausal symptoms can both benefit the increase in Ca2+ ATPase. In addition, anyone who is experiencing reduced hormone levels and having issues with their bladder will benefit from Strength24 and its ability to increase these levels.

Strength24 And Its Impact On Your Muscle Strength

We all know that the strength in our muscles seems to disappear quicker as we age. Even lifting weights to strengthen our muscles doesn’t seem to have the same effect on them as they used to. Because tired muscles can cause us to become tired physically, this is an issue that needs to be taken care of or it can quickly affect our happiness and well-being. For instance, not being able to participate in physical excursions on a vacation can cause us to miss out on once-in-a-lifetime opportunities.

Ca2+ ATPase is important in keeping our muscles strong and ready for action. A decrease can cause us to lose strength in the muscle and make it harder for the muscle to recover after it has been used. Strength24 can help to increase the levels of Ca2+ ATPase and, therefore, increase the muscle strength and ability to recover.

Strength24 And Its Impact On Joint And Muscle Pain

There is nothing that can slow us down like joint and muscle pain. As we talked about, Strength24 can help muscles recover, which can also help to reduce pain in the muscle. However, an increase in Ca2+ ATPase can also help to reduce inflammation and aid with issues such as tendonitis, stiff joints, and aches and pains.

Strength24 Makes All the Difference

In the end, Ca2+ ATPase levels affect many things in your body including the ability to sleep, bladder control, muscle strength, and joint and muscle pain. Strength24 can help to increase the levels of Ca2+ ATPase in the body and, therefore, help you to tackle all these issues. You do not have to live with issues that occur as you get older, you just have to find a way to bring your body back to balance, and Strength24 is one of those ways.