The Jasmine Supplement

Strength 24-The Jasmine Supplement
For centuries, people worldwide have used Jasmine flower extracts to both restore and promote health. With the advent of scientific testing, researchers have now proven that these jasmine extracts play a vital role in our health by helping our bodies create more of the calcium ATPase (Ca2+ATPase) enzyme.

Science now understands the critical nature of Ca2+ATPase in relation to good health. You see, as we age, our bodies produce less and less of this important enzyme. Additionally, other factors such as hormonal changes, environment toxins, chemicals and pesticides in our foods, as well as other health conditions also lower Ca2+ATPase levels in the body. It’s truly exciting when you realize that researchers are just beginning to understand the incredible healing that takes place in our body when calcium enzyme levels within our cells are brought back up to appropriate levels.

Broady Health Sciences has developed a unique and proprietary product, Strength24. This jasmine supplement uses all-natural, food grade jasmine flower extracts together with other ingredients that all work together to optimize the Ca2+ATPase levels in the body.

According to co-creator, Dr. Lyle Wilson,

Strength24 “helps the body create more of a calcium regulating enzyme that improves muscle strength,  muscle endurance, shortens recovery time after exercise and injury, lowers tissue inflammation in the body , improves bladder control, improves cardiac function.”

Strength24, The Jasmine Supplement.